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From American Orchid Society magazine

The Orchid Whisperer is an eminently intelligent and attractive book for beginning orchid growers. Rogers' language is engaging and humorous, and strikes the right balance between being easy to read and needing a science degree to understand. He presents plenty of easy-to-understand advice to get novice growers on the road to success. Rogers even adds a chapter on decorating with orchids to challenge even experienced growers. The Orchid Whisperer is one to put on the holiday list for novice orchidists.
— Sue Volek, Oregon Orchid Society

From NZ Gardener, New Zealand

If you’re only kinda into orchids, this book will turn you into an ardent collector. It’s jam-packed with wisdom about orchids by an expert grower. The information is clear, concise and easy to assimilate, from where to find the best bargains, to how to help your orchid survive the ride home in your car (I’d estimated that 10 per cent of orchids bought by novices never make it home alive and another 10 per cent suffer significant damage”). As well as tips on growing orchids, you’ll find out which are the best rooms in the house to grow them, how to care for them while you’re away, and more. This is a likeable, intelligent read.
— Barb Rogers

From the Chicago Tribune

Embrace the houseplant: This summer has been torturous for gardeners. And once cold weather comes ... sigh. At least with a houseplant, you can control the climate! . . . for inspiration,  The Orchid Whisperer by Bruce Rogers

From CoastViews Magazine

Ever wonder how to get your orchids to rebloom, or how to divide and repot them? This book is a friendly guide for both the novice and expert orchid grower — and it would make a lovely gift, as the orchid photos are gorgeous.
— Jessi Bloom

From the Marin Independent Journal

How successful are you in coaxing your orchids to re-bloom? The Orchid Whisperer by Bruce Rogers contains expert tips for growing like a professional. In layman's language, Rogers shares his recommendations for plant selection, repotting, watering, and fertilizing most of the tropicals you will find at local markets. Sections such as "Orchid True and False" and "Location, Location, Location" share practical advice with a splash of humor.
— Jane Scurich

Reviewed by the Tulsa, San Francisco, and Sacramento
Book Review

Bruce Rogers does not whisper; he announces loud and clear all that you need to know about the exotic orchid. Accompanied by striking photographs, the contents cover everything from buying and growing orchids to details on the twelve most popular orchids. If you claim a faulty green thumb, this book will help you overcome fear. "I do know how to grow orchids - one client likes to claim that I can make a brick bloom--and I share the tricks I've learned over the years in these pages."
— Aron Row

From Marinscope newspaper

If orchids of all kinds fascinate you but seem intimidating, fear no more, here's a book for you: This accessible, very personal and loving paean to the orchid includes plenty of how-to-grow instructions. Hundreds of tips that will surprise even experienced enthusiasts are included with lively historical background and detailed photo close-ups. Especially intriguing are sections on buying orchids, all-natural tips for orchid care, "Orchid True or False," the 12 easiest-to-grow orchids, miniatures, fragrance and decoration.
— Jeanne@lazy­

From the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinal

Forget horses and dogs, which aren't all that tough to figure out. But orchids? We need all the whisperers we can get. Rogers has been cultivating orchids for 30 years. His book is a sturdy, softcover guide printed on thick, glossy stock, with many full-page images of orchids. His sense of humor and practical approach carries throughout the book, which is divided into chapters on what to look for when buying orchids, growing and maintenance tips and decorating with orchids.
— Mary-Liz Shaw

"Unlike some other 'beginner' advice books, Rogers' language is engaging and humorous, and strikes the right balance between being easy to read and needing a science degree to understand."
— American Orchid Society